Keyword Analysis

Point-specific customer identification is achieved by analyzing the description sections of the bill of lading for imports and/or exports shared by countries that provide customs data.

Analysis of Products and Variants through Keywords

The description sections of the bill of lading documents are of significant importance in terms of commercial intelligence. By filtering through the completed export operations of the desired product or alternatives, numerous pinpoint customers can be identified.

Analysis Stages

During the Keyword Analysis, specific stages are followed, and the client company is informed through weekly meetings.

Through the Client Introduction Form, the company provides information about product names and general descriptions related to their products. Additionally, during the service, the analysis of alternative keywords will also be considered.

Keyword Analysis is initiated according to the client company's product priority ranking. Imports and importers that contain these keywords in the description section worldwide are identified. The suitability of the identified importing companies as potential buyers for the client company is individually checked by an intelligence expert.

The importing companies that are individually evaluated as potential customers are communicated to the client company as a report. Upon the client company's request, Again Data establishes initial contact with the importing companies and provides a price quotation.

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