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Finding Customers in Foreign Trade

The Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce successfully completed the "Customer Acquisition Techniques in Foreign Trade" training program, emphasizing the significance of international trade. At the conclusion of this special event, Deputy Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce, Okan Adıyaman, expressed his gratitude to Eren Erdurmuş, the General Manager of Again Data, by presenting an official plaque as a token of appreciation.

The training aimed to provide participants with the strategic knowledge and skills required for customer acquisition, focusing on the intricacies of international trade. By organizing this event, the Chamber of Commerce made a significant contribution to strengthening the capabilities of the Eskişehir business community in the field of foreign trade.

This successful event underscores the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing, contributing to the growth of Eskişehir's business community in the realm of international trade.

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