customer acquisition in foreign trade

The Importance of Customer Identification with Foreign Trade Intelligence Techniques

The Importance of Customer Identification with Foreign Trade Intelligence Techniques

Today's business world is increasingly globalized, and companies strive to expand into new markets and broaden their customer base. In this context, foreign trade intelligence techniques play a critical role in a company's process of identifying customers on the international stage.

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dış ticarette hiper rekabet

Hypercompetition in International Trade

Hypercompetition creates a more intense competitive environment compared to traditional competition.

In today's globalized world, international trade has become a fundamental element for economic growth and development. Countries strive to utilize their competitive advantages by engaging in the exchange of goods and services with other countries.

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The Importance of Target Market in International Trade

Key Step for Global Success

International trade is a critical factor for a country's economic growth and competitive strength. Many companies aim to expand into international markets to grow and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. However, an important step in reaching this goal is...

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How to Export?

Step-by-Step Guide for Businesses

Exporting is an important step that offers growth and global market opportunities for many businesses. However, the export process can be complex and detailed. It is important for businesses interested in exporting to follow the right strategies and steps.

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turkiye ve avrupa arasında dış ticaret

Export from Turkey to Europe

Strategies and Opportunities

Turkey offers an important market for businesses looking to export to Europe, thanks to its geographical location and economic potential. Turkey's proximity to Europe, free trade agreements, advanced infrastructure, and competitive sectors provide Turkish businesses with growth and success opportunities in the European market.

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