Foreign Trade Intelligence Meeting

Aytop Food Industry Site organized an event in the conference hall of its management building to share information aimed at taking strong steps in foreign trade within the sector. The meeting, featuring Eren Erdurmuş as the speaker, aimed to provide participants with a comprehensive perspective on the importance of foreign trade intelligence and customer identification.

In his address at the event, Eren Erdurmuş emphasized the significance of foreign trade in today's business world as a crucial strategy. He stated, "Access to accurate information and customer identification has become critically important to gain a competitive advantage in the globalized world." Erdurmuş shared ways to succeed in the international market by utilizing market analysis, competitor monitoring, and current trade data.

Employees of Aytop Food Industry Site and other industry representatives who attended the meeting had the opportunity to better understand the dynamics of foreign trade and play a more effective role in the international arena. The event aimed to strengthen industry collaborations by encouraging information sharing among participants.

Again Data company plans to continue its educational and informational activities for the business world with similar events in the future. Through such meetings, the company aims to contribute to companies achieving their sustainable growth goals.

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