Foreign Trade Intelligence Seminar

A successful seminar took place at Bursa Nilüfer Organize Industrial Zone, where 45 industrialists engaged in foreign trade gathered for an informative session. The seminar titled "Finding Customers with Foreign Trade Intelligence Methods" garnered great interest among the industrialists in the region. The speaker for the seminar was Eren Erdurmuş. Erdurmuş, the general manager of Again Data company, delivered valuable insights to the participants, focusing on strategic methods to find customers in foreign trade.

In the seminar, Eren Erdurmuş shared the dynamics of foreign trade and the methods to achieve success in the international market. Emphasizing the importance of foreign trade intelligence, Erdurmuş provided strategies to enhance efficiency in the process of finding customers by utilizing accurate sources. Throughout the seminar, topics such as accessing new markets, competitive analysis, target audience identification, and market research were discussed.

The participants were greatly influenced by Erdurmuş's presentation and had the opportunity to share their own experiences and ask questions to the expert during the Q&A session at the end of the seminar. The interactive and informative nature of the seminar provided a fresh perspective on foreign trade to the business people in Bursa Nilüfer Organize Industrial Zone and contributed to the growth of their enterprises.

This significant event aims to promote knowledge sharing for the development of foreign trade in Bursa Nilüfer Organize Industrial Zone. The seminar supports collaboration and exchange of information among industrialists, contributing to the economic development of the region.

This seminar, focusing on foreign trade intelligence methods, has provided an important opportunity for industrialists in Bursa Nilüfer Organize Industrial Zone to expand their businesses, compete in international markets, and broaden their customer base. Equipped with the knowledge and experience shared by Eren Erdurmuş, the participants will be able to develop new strategies and conduct their foreign trade activities more effectively.

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